2024 World Symposium on 6G Communications and Terahertz Technology (6GCTT 2024)

Call For Papers

2024 World Symposium on 6G Communications and Terahertz Technology (6GCTT 2024) will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Design of 6G network based on fiber optic communication
Fusion Technology of Active Optical Networks and 6G
The combination of optical frequency comb and terahertz technology for 6G networks
Optical communication technology
Terahertz optics and optoelectronics
Optics terahertz integrated devices
Materials and Devices for THz Technology
Terahertz and photonic integrated circuits
Terahertz photon hybrid signal processing system
Communication signal processing
Photoelectric detection and terahertz imaging
Terahertz wave imaging and sensing technology
The combination of fiber optic sensing and terahertz sensing
Optical technology enhances terahertz data transmission
Terahertz communication technology
Application of optical materials in terahertz communication
Application of Optics Terahertz Sensing in Intelligent Manufacturing
The Application of 6G and Terahertz Technology in Intelligent Transportation
The application of 6G and terahertz technology in intelligent healthcare
High-speed mobile communication and vehicle networking
Health data communication and telemedicine
Terahertz remote sensing system design
Industrial Internet of Things for Terahertz

More related topics......